A new survival horror game (created by the inventive regalis11) is being currently developed on the subject of the SCP Foundation, this time an entire containment facility where you play a worker trapped inside during an accident in the building and must find a way to escape while dealing with several scary entities from the SCP universe. 

SCP-Containment Breach features a randomly generated map layout so replaying the game is never the same.  Many creatures require direct line of sight for protection and to stop their movement against you so the game incorporates a blink-meter that forces players to blink however you can manually control this function to gauge its usage.   

There are puzzles to solve as well as items hidden around to help solve the mystery of the containment breach if players are brave enough to stick around and search for them.  There are also surveillance cameras and monitors that can help or hurt you.

One more interesting note about this game is the difficulty settings based around the different classes of SCPs.  There’s Euclid which allows players to save normally and then there’s Keter with a permadeath setting which means if you die your game save is deleted. 

SCP-173, SCP-106 and SCP-895 are just some of the SCP enemies you’ll encounter in the game but the main focus of SCP-Containment Breach is SCP-173.  The game is in alpha development right now but hopefully more people will lend a hand to help finish this ambitious and interesting horror game.  You can download the alpha version here.

The game is written in BlitzMax using Blitz3D SDK so if there are any programmers out there interested in helping to contribute to the completion of this project please seek out the developers at their blog

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